Skin and Hair Care for Holi

 Happy Holi Everyone!

The festival we all have all been waiting for is just around the corner “HOLI“!! 


HOLI is a festival of Colors & Love! People spend the day smearing colored powder and throwing colored water at each other. You just can’t avoid such beautiful colors, parties, and fun! Can you?, Everyone loves watching those colorful happy faces but the end of the day, we are left with dirty nails, messed up skin, rough hair and many breakouts! Isn’t it? But don’t worry! Below are some useful tips for before and after Holi that will help you protect your hair and skin from the colors.

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holi haircare


  • Say No to any kind of beauty treatment such as facial, bleaching, waxing before Holi because these procedures leave the skin pores open which is absolutely harmful to your skin. Why? During Holi, all the colors can easily seep into your pores.
  • It is always advisable to play Holi with natural/ herbal or homemade colors like you can make a yellow color by mixing Turmeric powder and corn flour. Else buy colors from good brands with all natural ingredients.
  • The strong chemicals in the colors leave your skin dry, so a thick application of moisturizer on your skin (entire body) is very important before you leave to play Holi. Pamper your skin with loads of moisturizer (Coconut based moisturizers are excellent for your skin) or coconut. This will help you in protecting from the immediate effect of harmful chemicals of colors. Also, this will help in removing color from your skin more easily. You can use a thick layer of petroleum jelly as well.
  • Make sure you wear something that covers your body as much as possible so that there will be less of skin exposed. So, less area to remove color from!!
  • Trim your hands and feet nails properly and paint them with any dark nail polish. Don’t forget to put petroleum jelly around the cuticles. Remove nail polish once you are home. This will not let any color residue on your nails.
  • And last but not the least, do not forget to apply sunscreen lotion before you step out to play Holi. Also, take care of your Lips by applying plenty of lip balm (preferably the one contains SPF) before joining the play of colors.


  • Firstly, take a quick bath so that the colors come off from your skin easily. Do not take a bath in hot water, as this will make your skin drier. Bath in lukewarm water is recommended. After a bath, make sure to apply plenty of moisturizer to prevent the skin from dryness.
  • Do not panic, if some colors do not come out. The color will fade away with each wash.
  • Wash your face with face wash to wash off the colors from your face and then apply some Aloe Vera gel on your face, which will relax your skin from any harsh effects of chemicals in the color.
  • Never rub your face vigorously with soap, as it will make your skin absolutely dry. Instead, use a cleansing milk or mild face wash to remove the color from your face.
  • You can rub some coconut or olive oil on your skin to get rid of dry colors. For wet colors, you can rub lemon slices over your skin. Whatever method you use, make sure to apply plenty of moisturizer after wash to prevent your skin from any kind of irritation or dryness.


holiskin care


  • Make sure you tie up your hair while playing Holi as open hair tends to tangle and damage your hair even more. Holi means more fun!! Don’t go for any boring hairstyles rather make some stylish hairstyle like side braid, high bun.
  • You can also wear any cap or turban to protect your hair from direct contact of colors.
  • To protect your hair from the chemicals of colors and harsh water, massage your hair with loads of coconut oil before you play Holi. The coconut oil acts as a barrier and prevents colors from coming in direct contact with your hair & its roots. That means less hair damages.
  • Don’t wear contact lenses rather wear Specs. You can also use goggles to protect your eyes.


  • Firstly, wash your hair with plain tepid water so that most of the color comes off. You can shampoo your hair with mild shampoo afterward. Don’t worry, if you still see color in your scalp. Do not wash your hair again and again as it will make your hair drier. The color will fade day by day.
  • If your hair becomes dry, apply plenty of Coconut oil and leave it like that for overnight. Wash your hair next morning with a mild shampoo. The coconut oil is very light that a single wash with shampoo will remove all the colors from your hair. You may also condition your hair after shampoo.


Once again, Happy Holi to you and your familyMay God gift you all the colors of life, colors of joy, colors of happiness, colors of friendship, colors of love and all other colors you want to paint in your life!

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(Jinjin Raina)

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11 thoughts on “Skin and Hair Care for Holi

  1. donnalombardo39 says:

    I’ve seen movies with people throwing colorful powder. How did Holi come about? What is it’s history? It does look like fun. If I ever get to participate in person, I’ll know what to do, thanks to you. What is the powder made of?


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