Luxurious carpets look aesthetic and elegant while giving your home/place a polished feel and aristocratic feel at the same time. Isn’t it? Well, when we talk about carpets worlds, OBEETEE is a world leader in handwoven carpets, a dynamic, creative and ethical company that is driven by design excellence, quality craftsmanship, and process innovation.

Leading designers, Abraham and Thakore have collaborated with OBEETEE and crafted their first exclusive carpet collection which is inspired by Indian textiles. The exclusive collection of these handmade carpets was launched on the theme of “Proud to be Indian” on 13 December 2017. The event took place at The Lodhi hotel, where I was invited. This was the second phase of ‘Proud to be Indian’ collection after a successful tie-up with designer Tarun Tahiliani earlier this year.


At the launch, Mr. David Abraham told that this collection was completely inspired by Indian textiles such as kanchipuram sari borders, bandhini from Kutch, Sanganer block prints, assorted block prints etc. The collection was truly on such themes, simple yet extremely modern and innovative!!

Have a look:

Kanchipuram Auric Brown
Rangrez Indigo – Bandhini 

Kanchipuram Auric Brown
Kanchipuram Auric Brown

Ikat Tide Brown
Ikat Tide Brown

Chanderi Ivory
Chanderi Ivory

The whole idea was aimed at bringing the show to the modern Indian perspective rather than the traditional ones with bold colors. The entire “Proud to be Indian” collections had one of the finest luxurious carpets with recherché charm and timeless elegance indeed!

FullSizeRender 474

OBEETEE employed some of its finest weavers to this task; it took more than a year to weave one carpet. The carpets are all hand-knotted using different yarns and finishes. A lot of thought went into the details; the finest silk was procured and rugs were woven with a knot density of about 200 knots per square inch. Each piece has been designed to represent the modern and progressive India using a chic colour palette.

IMG_1480 2

“When we were approached by OBEETEE, we were excited to be developing carpets with India’s finest carpet weaving company. We found the premise of the project, which focuses on combining the finest carpet weaving skills of India with an Indian design sensibility both challenging and timely,” said designers Abraham & Thakore.

Chettinad Rust
Chettinad Rust

“The beauty of this collection lies in the technical virtuosity of a hand-knotted carpet, where millions of threads are individually knotted together to create the complex surface of matt and sheen. Each rug has a modern design voice with a rich traditional vocabulary of Indian design and craft. The design sensibility is low key yet highly distinctive, with a strong respect for material, form and craft,” said the designers.

Here is my photograph with one of my most favorite carpets- “Pochampally Teal“!
FullSizeRender 472

Another one with one of my fellow Blogger Shaily Singh:

I am sure “Made in India” is going to be the future of luxury in the world!
These carpets are priced at Rs 4 lakh onwards. You can find out more about OBEETEE’s collection here.


OBEETEE was established in 1920 and today is India’s leading producer and exporter of exquisite hand-knotted, hand-tufted and flatwoven carpets. Internationally recognized as the premier source for the finest of handmade carpets in India, OBEETEE has received countless national awards for being the country’s largest and most reputable exporter. Moreover, OBEETEE a pioneer of numerous manufacturing processes is also the world’s first licensee of the ‘Woolmark’ for hand-knotted rugs since 1969, and the first handmade rug company in the world to become a brand partner with the ‘Wools of New Zealand’ mark in 1997.