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Floral prints are cute!

No denial in that and they are rapturous these days. Although they were in rave since centuries, they kinda disappeared in between. But what goes around, comes around, and that’s what fashion is all about! And now again, floral prints in pretty colors made a bomb comeback, and we just can’t stop obsessing over them, but we still have our concerns as of how and where to wear them! And here, let us discuss the new ways you can rock the world irrevocably in the floral prints.


1. Pair them up with a neutral outfit

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See, floral print on a floral print can be quite overwhelming. And even if it is not, that nagging suspicion of how it looks actually won’t let us carry the outfit with enough confidence. So the other alternative we have is, pairing it with a neutral colored piece. Like, wearing beiges and peaches together, and remember, only one at a time. Don’t overdo for it will spoil the whole look for you!


2. Extend the length

Go for a flowy maxi dress or a long sweeping dress, and you’d be surprised how good they floral prints will look in that style. Add a floral crown if you think you could pull it off and you’re all set to go! And if you’re tall, trust me, the flowy dresses we talked about will just make you look extremely graceful and willowy. Not just dresses, but jumpsuits in the floral prints look very cool too. These sort of dresses are very suitable for parties! And if you don’t have any, you should get those beauties right away! And there is a great collection of them online, and you can buy them for a cheaper price by using Myntra discounts and offers!


3. Make a fashion statement

Will tell you what, floral skirts, floral pants are extremely stylish, sure. But you make a style statement when you wear something different, and that’s why, go for floral printed accessories. Like shoes, scarves, headbands, wallets, sling bags and more! Wear floral printed shoes with lace dresses or monochrome dresses and jumpsuits and create your own style and carry it flawlessly. Take a look at these cool ideas about floral printed accessories!


4. Badass or Belle? Why not both!

Yep. We have some of those vibes, where we feel like wearing that plain grey tee and huge silver earrings at the same damn time and when we can’t help those vibes, finally give in and be a Venus, no less. Then why give up those pastels when you wanna wear a leather jacket? Go edgy and experiment. A floral dress with a leather jacket and boots? Unbeatable look!

Floral_with_leather_jacket_large 2.png

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5. Don’t shy away from prints and stripes

Just because you’re wearing the floral prints, you don’t have to shy away from prints and stripes. Pull them all together. A graphic tee or a polka dotted top on a floral skirt? So stylish! Or even an off shoulder striped top on floral pants are extremely cool too! Throw in a pair of pumps or sneakers and your look will be complete.


6. Use the understated outfits

We all have that pile of clothes we don’t wear, and all those plain blouses and tops, the beiges and blacks and all those understated clothes, get them out and dust them off! Because floral prints look amazing on them. You don’t have to exactly go with the same skirts or pants; you can add a little edge to your monochrome understated outfits by adding up a floral printed jacket, or a stylish scarf!

floral with plain T.jpg

And, as long as you’re comfortable with what you wear and know how to carry it in style, there could possibly nothing that will stop you.

You go, girl!



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