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Bought new earrings but don’t look good on your face? Tried a celebrity hairstyle that turned out to be a disastrous attempt? Well, Have you ever thought why do we face such consequences? Okay, Tell Me…Do you take your style decisions according to your face shape as well? Nope? I know!! Because you mostly buy, what you like on others! Isn’t it? Now don’t say no..! Oh, come on girls… admit it! 😀 😛

Hairstyle, Haircut, Makeup, Jewellery, Glasses, and Hats all involve face shape! Definitely, styling according to your face shape helps you to look your best. Therefore, you must always consider your face shape.

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I have put together an assortment of amazing tips and tricks for determining your face shape and finding the best styles for you. You can enhance your personality and bring forward your best ‘YOU’ with the help of these amazing infographics.. . !! Enjoy!

Here these are:

1. Know your face shape

different face shapes

2. Contouring Guide for all face shapes

Blush Highlight con

3. The Most Flattering Eyebrows For Your Face Shape


4. Here is the guide to choose Best Eye Glasses for Your Face Shape


5. How to choose Earrings for Your Face Shape

Earings according to face

6. Choose the right Sunglasses for your face shape

Sunglasses according to your face

7. Love Bangs? Get the right one for your face with this infographic


8. Getting a Pixie cut? Choose the best pixie for your face


9. Here are the suggestions for best hats for your face shape


10. Best hairstyle for Your Face Shape

Hairstyle according to face

Image Source

11. Another guide for best Haircut for Your Face Shape


Above all, don’t forget to. . . . . .

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