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Wow, holidays this year were truly wild and crazy! But now that you’ve opened all your presents, digested all the food and brought your Instagram to perfection, it’s time to dedicate some time to fighting the post-holiday blues and looking your best. Your body, and especially your skin probably went to hell and back this past month, so they really deserve a 5-star treatment. So, here’s how to reclaim your good old shine and sparkle.

Get your diet straight

Get your diet straight

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Unless you have the self-control of a Shaolin monk, it’s safe to say that you ate plenty of things that are not so good for your body and skin. However, now that it’s time to stick to your New Year’s resolutions, make sure to start eating cleaner. Start by ditching overly-salty foods that do nothing for your body and skin except leaving it dehydrated and flaky. You can also grab some magnesium-rich foods every day. Think nuts, whole grains and beans that will boost your metabolism and perform a nice detox.

Detoxify your skin

Detoxify your skin Pooja Raina

One of the best ways to rid your skin of toxin buildup is to apply a detoxifying mask that will cleanse your pores of dirt, oil and sweat. Try a formula that contains charcoal that’s great for pulling impurities from your skin. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes, rinse with warm water and let it dry naturally. This will give you that healthy and fresh complexion that will simply shine!

Moisturize for the win

If you really want to get your skin to glow and feel smooth and soft, you must moisturize every day. This step is a must every morning because it preps your skin for the day and encourages rehabilitation after the wild holiday season. Investing in high-quality natural formulas is the key to good results. That’s why organic beauty products are getting super popular, especially in big fashion and beauty centres like New York and Sydney. So, logically, there are great manufacturers of quality natural skin care from Australia with various toners, serums and moisturizers that you can use daily. In order to hydrate like a pro, take your product, apply it and cover your face with a warm cloth. Leave it until the cloth is cool and you’ll have plump, firm and healthy skin in no time!

Gently exfoliate

Gently exfoliate


Having a weekly exfoliation treatment is also a great idea if you’re aiming for that glass-like finish. Depending on your skin type, use your chemical peel or soft scrub of choice and go to town on your face. You can even try something more unusual like dermaplaning. This treatment is highly effective when it comes to removing dead skin and peach fuzz from your face and giving your skin a smooth finish. It will also do wonders for your makeup application routine!

Don’t forget the sunscreen

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Don’t think winter sun can’t hurt your face! Most people only reach for sunscreen only when basking at the beach, but every sun exposure can cause brown spots and wrinkles on your face in time. So, no matter the season, make sure to use a sunscreen or face cream with SPF of at least 15. Concentrate on your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, since these areas are directly bombarded by sun rays all the time. Apply your makeup over it and you’re ready to face the day!

Load up on water

You’ve probably had a few more drinks over the holidays than recommended, but that’s nothing some good old H2O can’t fix. Make sure to have plenty of water throughout the day (not only when you’re really thirsty) and your skin will soon return to its radiant state. Most experts recommend 8 glasses of water a day, but if you’re hitting the gym hard, try to drink even more. After some time, you’ll notice that your skin is plump and flake-free!

Get some quality sleep

sleep well.jpg

Now is the perfect time to get your sleep routine in line, when all the parties are over. A healthy 8 hours of sleep a night will not only allow your body and skin to heal but also keep you mentally sharp. So, ditch your electronics before you hit the hay and lay off the caffeine after 6 pm. What you want to do is slip into a deep sleep that will encourage your body, mind and skin to heal.

The fact that holidays are over isn’t so tragic after all. Soon you’ll look your radiant self and feel better than ever. However, get ready to repeat all of this next year!  

Hope you found this post useful.


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