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The history books are full of quick and easy fads for losing weight and building muscle. Most seem too good to be true–and end up being so. As a result, the hard way seems the only real way to the body you want. So, you hit the gym and forgo those extra carbs, hoping for the best results. 

But if you’re not a big fan of sweating, eating salad for lunch five days a week, and praying for a swift end to your suffering, you might be tempted to give up on your fitness dreams for good. After a certain age, maintaining the body mass you want feels more like a chore than anything else. If things are really dire, you might turn to liposuction and other common weight loss treatments to prevent health issues caused by being overweight or obese

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Lately, however, the fitness community has been buzzing about an interesting new treatment called EMSculpt, which is an FDA-approved way to burn fat and build muscle. The best part? It works while you’re lying down. 

Read on to learn why EMSculpt might be the best choice to help achieve your weight loss goals. 

What Is EMSculpt?

Performed by dermatologists, Emsculpt is a non-invasive procedure that uses concentrated electromagnetic pulses to stimulate certain muscle groups. The treatment is administered via paddles attached to a standalone device, and an electric current is used to help patients achieve trimmer bellies and rounder buttocks. 

The main draw is that it allows individuals to build muscle and burn fat while lying down. While it’s not a replacement for regular exercise, it can help you get your ideal figure. For the best results, patients undergo four 30-minute sessions that are spread out over two weeks. The treatment continues to show positive results up to six months after the last session is administered. 

Is It Safe For Everyone?

As a noninvasive weight loss technique, EMsculpt is relatively free of negative side effects, making it safe for a wide range of individuals. While most popular among older women trying to maintain a trim figure, the treatment is safe for any patient without a pacemaker or other electronic device in their body–the electromagnetic pulses may interfere with the device’s operation. 

Similarly, the treatment is not recommended for pregnant women. Still, in combination with a diet of key superfoods, Emsculpt can help women recover their form after pregnancy. 

How Does It Work?

EMSculpt works by emitting soft electromagnetic pulses that stimulate the core or buttocks muscles rapidly, up to around 20,000 times over a 30-minute session. 

This intensely localized muscle workout, unachievable by other means, signals fat cells to release their fatty acids, causing them to die, metabolize, and be released as waste. At the same time, the rapid firing of muscles results in a strengthening of muscle fibers along with the added benefit of weight loss. 

The effectiveness of the results is clear: a study of 33 EMSculpt patients found that there was an average 23% reduction of belly fat and a 15% increase in abdominal muscle thickness two to three months after treatment. This could amount to almost 2 inches less waist-fat three months after the treatment is finished. 

Depending on the physician, the treatment ranges in price, typically costing around USD$3,000 for the full four sessions. The treatment itself can feel a bit odd as the pulses work your muscles at a very high rate without you consciously having to move. Some doctors liken it to an intense workout, stressing that while at times uncomfortable, it’s certainly not painful and has no reported adverse side effects. 

In the end, four short sessions can show the same results as nearly six months of diet and exercise. While the benefits of EMsculpt are not comparable to regular exercise in terms of its effect on overall health, the treatment is an excellent method for seeing weight loss and muscle toning results fast. A company has even announced plans for building treatments for arms and legs, so the future is full of possibilities.

The Bottom Line

EMsculpt is a non-invasive and innovative FDA approved weight treatment that uses electromagnetic pulses to perform the twin function of burning fat and strengthening muscle in the buttocks and abdomen.

In combination with exercise, EMsculpt allows you to feel fitter, stronger, and lighter shortly even after the first session. If you’re looking for a quick and effective way to trim your figure and get to the next level of weight loss, EMsculpt might be the right option for you. 

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