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New generations bring new ways of thinking. It has always been that way, it’s in our nature – that’s how we evolve. Millennials are taking the world by storm with their forward-thinking concepts and innovative ideas, and we can all learn a thing or two from them. Here’s how millennials are different from any other generation we’ve seen:


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Minimalist type of lifestyle
Millennials embrace minimalism. This clutter-free type of lifestyle is based on creating an environment with clear, visible surfaces, implementing basic furniture made from natural materials, and having a minimal number of items being displayed or owned, which seems to appeal this generation whose focus is sustainable living and practical spaces to live in.

Androgynous clothing styles

When it comes to clothing, it’s all about gender-neutral garments for millennials. Be it wide, oversized sweaters and hoodies for girls or skinny, pastel-colored pants for boys, the division between what’s considered male and female clothing is becoming less and less harsh, with genders shopping only in their division of clothing stores slowly becoming a thing of the past.

Comfort over style

Less is more, and having a practical, versatile and transitional kind of wardrobe is a must. Comfort is crucial; therefore, it shouldn’t come as a shock to see a millennial wearing a flowy dress with comfortable sneakers instead of heels. There is even a term for this – athleisure, which means combining elements of sporty and leisure, casual outfits together. What’s more, business-like blazers combined with casual tees are becoming more prominent as this generation wants to break the rules while also following them in a way. In addition, there is something called day-to-night outfits that may come in handy when we want to go out after work since changing your look takes just a few seconds. That’s the power of multipurpose, versatile clothing.

Conscious clothing choices

Conscious clothing choices.png

The negative impact of the fast fashion industry on the environment can be seen in the form of landfills constantly growing because of the short lifespan of most fast fashion garments. Furthermore, it is not a rare scenario for those companies to have the factory workers work long hours for minimum wages, treating them unethically and unfairly. As a response to this, millennials are opting for brands that produce durable, natural, high-quality products that are worth their price while following ethical business practices.  It is a trend among both genders to pay attention to what their clothes are made from, so they choose brands that produce clothes from natural and organic materials such as organically-grown bamboo. Those products are both beautiful and comfortable, they feel soft on the skin while allowing it to breathe. On the plus side, by purchasing eco-friendly clothing, they help reduce the overall waste of valuable resources while wearing clothes that are both durable and fashionable.

Natural makeup all the way  

Natural makeup all the way

As with clothing, the same applies to makeup and skincare products – the accent is on natural ingredients, the balance between the effectiveness of the product and its price point, and of course, the eco-friendly factor. Similar to transitional clothing, millennials seem to like the products that are versatile and get several things done at once, saving them time AND money. Cruelty-free products are also important for millennials since they can use them while making sure that they’re not doing any harm to Mother Nature. For millennials, less is more, so getting a look that accentuates their natural beauty is imperative. Therefore, it’s not surprising that light BB creams are replacing foundations while skincare products like toners and cleansers are becoming increasingly popular. Inclusive beauty plays a big role in the millennial community. Therefore, they praise companies that develop beauty products and foundations with a wide shade range while frowning on companies that choose to consciously stay blind to the fact that they need to further diversify their product line.

Changing the old ways and getting accustomed to new settings is something necessary in order for us to grow as human beings. Millennials’ way of thinking and their practices should serve as an inspiration to us all and maybe we can try to incorporate some parts of their philosophy into our lives as well.

Hope you found this article informative.

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