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Being part of a culturally rich country like India, you always have to be ready for a glam moment. Every month is full of surprises – whether it’s festivities, wedding season or traditional ceremonies, you have to be prepared for it all. It just so happens that the wedding season is soon approaching, and if there’s anything that calls for a fancy makeover, it’s the wedding of a dear one. We all want to look and feel our best to create the best memories at these special events, and any festive outfit without a dash of bright lipstick is just not up to the mark. 

The next time you have wedding outfits to plan, make sure you shop for matching shades that enhance your looks. Here are a few classic must-have lipstick shades to stock up on that you can easily find from popular lipstick brands:

  • Nude: This shade is versatile and perfectly compliments every skin tone and lip shape, stands out just enough for people to notice your effort. It is a very classic shade that goes well with many clothing types, exceptionally modern, chic clothes. Opt for a nude lipstick shade from MyGlamm to make a bold statement with your look.
  • Red: Red lipstick is the perfect way to add a pop of colour to the simplest of outfits. Applying red lipstick gives your whole outfit a more elevated look, making you feel and look sophisticated. Red is a shade that has seen countless trends over the years and continues to be a shade that will never go out of trend. A deep red shade from one of the most popular lipstick brands, Lakme, will be worth it.
  • Plum: This shade gives your lips a goth vibe that looks ravishing when paired with dark clothes. The purpose of this shade is to stand out against your skin tone, so it’s always good to opt for a darker one. Flaunt this intense shade of Sugar Cosmetics’ plum lipstick after matching it beautifully with a dark lehenga or saree
  • Brown: Brown is a shade you can mix and match with any colours to create various looks. It brings a bolder side out of your, somewhat similar to a nude lip but darker. This is an excellent shade of wedding rituals like the reception or engagement ceremony as it gives off indo western vibes when worn with traditional clothing. Nykaa is a brand that has some exceptional brown lipstick shades, so check that out!
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All of these shades, along with other toned down ones like pink, give you a more natural look when required, sum up your wedding season makeup kit beautifully.

Shopping from all of these popular lipstick brands at once will save you a lot of time, so don’t forget to visit the best online store. They have an extensive makeup collection of attractive shades from popular lipstick brands that just might take your fancy. One can never have too many lipstick shades, so start shopping!

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