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We all know the importance of grooming tools to help us achieve the perfect hairstyle as a smart and chic hairstyle always leave an impression! Isn’t it? Well, honestly the difference between good hair and bad hair isn’t what you’re born with, it’s how it’s styled because It actually starts with the right grooming products! Interesting?…read on to know more!

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So, let’s talk about some hair grooming products such as hair straightener, curls hair styler, hair dryer and hair trimmer! Well, when it comes to some best grooming products, Havells is one of the well-known brands which manufactures some great grooming tools.

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Since Havells was the grooming partner of India Runway Week season10, therefore we fashion bloggers got a chance to try out their products.


We had a chitchat and some exciting makeover/grooming sessions where I tried their chopstick Hair Curler. Surprisingly, it created some amazing tight curls in no time moreover the curls also lasted as long as I didn’t shampoo my hair. I was extremely impressed!

Take a look at some moments we had at Havells during India Runway Week season10:

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As a token of love, I got a much-needed gadget, which was HS4101 Hair Straightener from Havells and below is my experience with it:

Product: Havells HS4101 Hair Straightener

Product description

This hair straightener has ceramic plates that glide very smoothly on your hair. The plates give your hair a shine. It is suitable for everyday usage. Heats up at a consistent temperature and results into even heat across the plates.

It has some amazing specifications such as:

Ceramic Plates

Ceramic plates.jpgThis hair straightener has ceramic plates that glide very smoothly on your hair. The plates give your hair a shine. It is suitable for everyday usage. Heats up at a consistent temperature, and results in even heat across the plates.

Instant Heat Technology

Instant Heat Technology.jpgWith Instant Heating Technology Hair Straightener heats up quickly in 45 seconds and is ready for flawless results.

Floating Plates

Floating Plates.jpgMovable plates adjust to the thickness of hair and relatively avoids pressure on hair while straightening. Floating plates ensure smooth glide every time you style your hair.

360 Degree Swivel Cord

360 Degree Swivel Cord.jpgHair Straightener comes with a Handy Swivel Cord Technology which rotates the cord to prevent twisting and tangling of wire while you style.

On/Off Button

On:Off Button.jpgFor better safety On/Off power button is provided.

25 X 120mm Long Plates

25 X 120mm Long Plates.jpgIt’s 25×120 mm long plates offer better grip and coverage. The hair straightener can be used for all types of hair.

PTC Heater for Uniform Heating

PTC Heater for Uniform Heating.jpgThe ceramic coated plate use Heat Balance Technology resulting in uniformly heated plates to straighten your hair.

Locking Plates

Locking Plates.jpgThe convenient lock system is given to keep the straightener safe, especially while storage and travelling. To lock the plates slide the lock button in the upward direction and to unlock the plates move it in the downward direction.

2 Years Guarantee

2 Years Guarantee.jpgHavells Hair Straightener 4101 comes with 2 years guarantee with in which you may replace the product if it malfunctions.

Hanging Loop

Hanging LoopOnce you are done with hair straightening, hang it up your tableside. It comes with a hanging loop for easy and convenient storage.

Optimal Temperature 210°C

Optimal Temperature 210°C

The straightener can attain the optimal temperature of 210°C in 45 seconds only. In 1 minute you can start styling your hair. Hence, get ready to let it out for that big moment.

World Wide Voltage

World Wide VoltageThe Hair Straightener is compatible with worldwide voltage starting from 100-240V. So you can conveniently carry this beautiful straightener in any part of the world.

1.8m Long Power Cord

1.8m Long Power CordPerfect rubberized long cord for maximum flexibility and convenient use. 1.8 m long power cord gives wide radius to move around while you style.

My Final thoughts:

I am a person who has straight to wavy hair and I get bored easily with my hair all the time. Since I love beach curls/ loose curls and sometimes straight sleek look hence Havells HS4101 Hair Straightener is a perfect tool for me. Not only it gives a perfect straight sleek look but also gives those well-defined curls that make you stand out! The best part is that all it takes no time to get the desired results also there are no more heat damages and the price is much affordable i.e Rs. 1295! I have a Philips hair straightener as well but this is one of my absolute favourites now onwards. IT’S-A MULTITASKER TOOL I MUST SAY! Grab it, don’t even think twice!

If you are someone who is too busy to make it to the salon every time then, don’t worry Havells, with its wide range of personal grooming essentials lets you flaunt any style easily. So just go ahead and bring the salon home with some amazing and useful grooming essential tools from havells.com. Overall, I am so impressed by the brand for not only for the kind of grooming products they manufacture but also for their superb quality. Moreover, their prices are much more affordable in comparison to any other brands available in the market. I would highly recommend their grooming products to everyone.

Hope you liked this post.

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Stay well groomed! ❤


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