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Hello, beautiful people!

Glowing and a picture-perfect skin is everyone’s dream, but how many of us know the easiest ways to reach there? Very few. That’s right; very few of us know the shortcut to the skin that is radiant and supple. Here we talk about those products that give you a glowing and healthy skin.

First, let’s understand the factors that make your skin glow:

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The moisture content of your skin: Stratum corneum is the layer beneath the skin that holds the moisture content and acts as a protective barrier against the penetration of the toxic chemicals and harmful pollutants into the skin. There are several skin products that promote skin hydration. Buy the finest moisturizers on the e-store with Nykaa discount coupons.

Collagen structure: Collagen is the protein that decides your skin integrity. The disintegration of this protein is caused by the free radicals, which eventually leads to the dry and dull skin. So, when you are looking for best skin products, look for the ones that promote collagen synthesis.

Here are the 6 best products that you should consider to improve your skin’s glow and make it feel and look healthy.

Plum Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer


Hydrating your skin is the best solution to address most of your skin problems. Hydration also plays a key role in preventing the oxidation of your epidermal cells by the free radicals. When you are looking for moisturizers, you should make sure that they don’t contain parabens, propylene, phthalates, PABA, glycols and DEA, as these trigger the free radical formation. Plum Green Tea Mattifying moisturizer is one such moisturizer that has antioxidant and hydrating activity.

Reasons why you should go for Plum Green Tea Mattifying moisturizer:

  • With a matte finish moisturizing activity, this product is ideal for those with oily skin.
  • Plum moisturizer rejuvenates the skin with the goodness of the green tea that possesses the antioxidant activity, which prevents the formation of acne.
  • Glycolic acid present in this product brightens your skin and keeps it clear.
  • This product is silicone-free and is made out of non-comedogenic ingredients. If you are looking for a safe and effective product, then Plum Green Tea Mattifying moisturizer should be your choice.

Kaya Purifying Cleanser

Kaya Purifying clenser

Just like the moisturizer, cleanser also has a key role in keeping your skin healthy and glowing by protecting your skin from the pollutants. Kaya Purifying Cleanser, which is enriched with salicylic acid is a perfect solution for oily skin, or if you have a acne-prone skin. Kaya Purifying Cleanser is dermatologically tested with proven efficacy.

Here is why you should opt for Kaya Purifying Cleanser for your skin’s glow:

  • In spite of it being a cleanser, Kaya Cleanser does not give you a stretchy and dry feeling. Along with the cleansing, this product also locks the moisture content of your skin.
  • Kaya removes excess oil and dirt from your skin leaving you with a fresh feeling.
  • Pore cleansing that Kaya does is gentle, yet deep and efficient.
  • Kaya Cleanser not only heals the existing acne but also prevent the future breakouts.

L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Facial Milky Foam

Loreal Paris white perfect facial milky foam .jpg

Sometimes, it is overactivity of your melanocytes that should be blamed for your dull skin. Pigmentation, if not treated immediately, will kill the glow of your skin leaving you with random dark patches all over your face. A safe and effective skin-whitening foamy facewash like L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Facial Milky Foam can come in handy in these cases.

Why could L’Oreal Paris Facewash be an excellent option for glowing skin?

  • You can witness positive results right from day one. This product cleanses all the impurities from your skin and leaves you with a fresh and comfortable feeling.
  • L’Oreal Paris facewash is an excellent choice for those with acne prone skin too, as this product is extremely gentle on the skin.
  • This product is loaded with the goodness of vitamin C that exhibits strong antioxidant and moisturizing abilities. It also acts effectively against melanin synthesis.

Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Miraculous Beauty Fluid Ayurvedic


Mother nature has given us thousands of natural ingredients, whose complete benefits are unfortunately not known to us, completely. Kama Ayurveda, one of the leading Ayurveda brands in India, has a one-stop solution for all the skin problems. Kama Ayurveda’s Kumkumadi non-greasy oil should be your choice if you want to reverse your signs of ageing and get a fairer complexion.

Reasons why you need Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Miraculous Beauty Fluid:

  • This product is a unique blend of ayurvedic ingredients that make your skin look young.
  • The skin problems that Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi oil can address are dull skin, pigmentation, collagen degeneration, and dryness.
  • Ingredients like saffron, licorice, sandalwood and vetiver not only illuminate your complexion but also protect your skin from bacterial and fungal infections.
  • This product prevents the acne formation and gives you have smooth and glowing skin texture.

The Face Shop The Solution Brightening Face Mask


Apart from cleansers, beauty serums, and moisturizers, face masks also play a crucial role in keeping your skin healthy by exfoliating the dead cells and keeping the skin pores clean. A few face masks come with face-whitening properties. Dry and rough skin is an enemy to many, as it steals your skin’s glow. The brightening face mask from Face Shop improves your skin’s health and promises you the ultimate Korean beauty experience.

Here is what you can look out for when you opt Face Shop’s Brightening Face Mask:

  • This face mask contains actual pearl powder that will lighten your skin at a faster rate.
  • Face Shop face mask is dermatologically tested and is loaded with rich essentials, which will hydrate your skin effectively and gives you a smooth and refreshing look.
  • This product has a pleasant fragrance and causes no irritation or allergic reactions.
  • This face mask will also tighten your skin and gives your skin a youthful experience.

DearPacker Home Remedy Mask – Fenugreek + Cucumber

DearPacker Home Remedy Mask - Fenugreek + Cucumber.jpg

Face masks have numerous benefits apart from exfoliation; face masks with right ingredients can nourish and brighten your skin. Fenugreek and cucumber are the key ingredients of this product. Fenugreek can do miracles for sensitive skin type, with its moisturizing and rejuvenating abilities.

Reasons why you need Dear Packer Home Remedy Mask:

  • This product does not contain any harsh chemicals like parabens, mineral oils, talc, triethanolamine and triclosan; so, you will be getting a highly effective skin treatment with DearPacker, with zero side effects.
  • Fenugreek is rich in vitamin C that is known for its bleaching, and antioxidant properties. There can be no better moisturizer than cucumber; it soothes the skin, restores the skin texture and lastly, keeps your skin well hydrated.
  • This face mask is made of 100% cotton, so you don’t have to worry about irritation.



The biggest reason why you should prefer the topical application for different skin conditions over oral treatment is that not all the nutrients that you consume to keep your skin healthy will actually reach your skin. A research experiment conducted on the topical application of vitamin C has proven that the positive results of topical application were 20-fold more than the oral ingestion. Thus, if you want to give you are looking for the fastest way to give your skin a glowing look, then, topical skin care products it is.

Hope you found this post informative. Have you tried any of the above products so far? Which one is your favourite?


Keep Glowing! ❤


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