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When one talks about loafers, it is automatically assumed that the conversation is about men’s loafers. This, however, would be an inaccurate assumption in many cases as the constantly growing and expanding fashion industry is now seeing a constant rise in demand for women loafers. Loafers can be defined as a type of slip-on shoe with no laces, typically made of leather or suede materials. The good thing about loafers is the versatility; they are just sophisticated enough to pass off as a part of formal wear and casual enough to look great with casual outfits. And coming to women loafers, great outfits’ possibilities just increase as there is hardly anything you cannot put on some loafers with.

Women loafers will elevate any outfit they are paired with as these are very classic footwear that women can take full advantage of. While heels or boots are indeed good enough, you can buy women loafers to introduce something refreshing to your footwear collection. They are comfortable, fashionable and easy to pull off, so here’s a quick style guide to help you style them:

  • Business Casual Wear: For casual meetings with work clients, you need something professional yet laid back and not too uptight. Women loafers work great with such an outfit, and you can wear a pair of skinny jeans, a solid t-shirt and a long overcoat. A simple watch to accessorise and a handbag will finish off this look.
  • Formal Wear: Women loafers fit perfectly in any formal outfit, and you can make a statement by wearing them with tapered trousers. Put on a monochromatic suit consisting of a solid shirt, blazer, trousers and women loafers. This outfit is perfect for making sure you slay the fashion game while still being very much professional.
  • Casual Wear: A midi dress with women loafers is an outfit combination you can never go wrong with. Go for a casual yet stylish, summer-appropriate sundress of mid-length and pair it with loafers. A sling bag with a simple bracelet is the perfect way to complete this look. With this outfit, you can spend a relaxing day out and about while looking your best.
  • Fancy Wear: Wearing women loafers with a fancy outfit is a distinctive take that looks voguish. Put on a sleeveless crop top with high waisted pants and women’s loafers. Socks that are slightly visible over the edge of your loafers, hoop earrings and a fancy wallet are the perfect addition to this.
  • Lounge Wear: If you’re planning a chill get together with friends, women loafers are the perfect footwear for the occasion. Go with a fun jumpsuit and pair it with loafers for a stylish, unique, but not the too in-your-face edge. Some sunglasses as accessories, and you are ready to be the fashion-forward attendant.
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With the above outfit ideas in your style guide, you can buy women loafers and put them to good use on multiple occasions. Buy women loafers of the latest styles at affordable prices from Mochi Shoes and upgrade your footwear game!

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