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The day of your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. You want to look your best but that takes some serious work! Now that so much time and money has already been invested in making your special day perfect, it is time to find the best professional makeup artist to make you look and feel flawless. Unfortunately, it is trickier than it looks.


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In this article, we will share some important tips that will help you find the best makeup artist in Jaipur for your wedding day.

Start Early

With so many things lined up in preparation of your wedding day, we often take makeup artists for granted. However, it is important to start looking for one earlier than you planned. It will give you enough time to vet their profiles and take your time in choosing the right one. It is important to not only find a competent artist but also the one who understands what you want.

Research Well

No matter how well you have researched the look you want to go for on the D-day, you really don’t know how it will look until you put it on for real. Choose a makeup artist who can truly emulate the look you want and make it work for you. Look for professionals who have experience in working with the actual brides. You should aim for a look that is not only perfect but also realistic. Your makeup artist should be able to maintain that balance.

Don’t Skip the Makeup Consultation

With so many expenses already lined up, you may think that this is one expense you can let go. However, makeup consultation is as important as the makeup itself. A consultation will help you minimize the rude shocks on the day of your wedding. Pre-consultation will help you get a sense of what you actually want and like.

Do Trial Runs

Do not try anything new on the day of your wedding. If you have any unique ideas, then consider trying it before. The best way to see how you look with a face full of makeup is to try on fake lashes. They really do make a lot of difference without the need for going overboard with the makeup. Ask your makeup artist to do a test run a few days before so that you can finalize the look you want to go with eventually.

According to expert makeup artists, you should start caring for your skin at least a few months before the wedding day. Get all the underlying skin issues treated and clean your diet. There is only so much makeup can do if you are not healthy from within. Drinks lots of water to keep your skin hydrated. Follow these simple tips along with a healthy lifestyle to look your absolute radiant on the day of your wedding. You will certainly be the only one glowing all the way from inside.

Hope you found this post informative.

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