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It’s wedding season and you are looking to wear a saree and maybe the wide range of selection all around the internet isn’t making the choice easy for you. Whatever the reason maybe, we Makeup and Body have come to your rescue!

We have curated a list 6 best different ways to wear a saree and we hope this is going to be of great help to you.


  • Well, first of all, you are going to require an amazing saree!
  • Then, you need the perfect blouse to complement your saree
  • You are also going to need a ‘petticoat’ or a long skirt like inner to wrap the saree around. Make sure the colour of the petticoat matches the saree well.
  • In order to keep the saree in place, you are going to need a few safety pins too.

1. The basic Saree Style!

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If you are someone who admires the traditional and most common way of draping the saree this is the perfect saree routine for you!

Step 1

Once your petticoat and blouse are in place, hold the saree from the opposite side of the pall. Then, tie a knot on the top corner of that side and tuck it inside the petticoat. Now, drape one layer of the saree around your waist and bring the remaining fabric to the front.

While you are on this step, make sure the lower end of your saree doesn’t touch the ground. The length should be kept long enough for you to walk in it comfortably.

Step 2

Here comes the fun part!

Now you are going to have to make pleats from the center of the remaining fabric and tuck it in a little below the navel.

To make the pleats, hold the fabric using your index and the middle finger and start folding it using a criss-cross motion. Make about 7- 9 pleats depending upon the length of your saree and keep the width of the pleats to about 5 inches each.

Once all the pleats are done all you need to do is secure it with a safety pin and voila! Your pleats are done!

Step 3

Now, you are going to be left with quite a lot of fabric in your hands. Take the excess fabric and drape it around yourself one more time.

Take the pallu and place it on your left shoulder. While draping the last layer, you can keep it as loose or as tight as you want.

Once you have placed the pallu on your shoulder, pin it to your blouse for a secure hold. If you want, you can make pleats on your pallu before pinning it to the blouse. Or you could leave it plain and simple and the pin the upper-end of the pallu to the blouse and let it fall on your hand beautifully.

Voila! you look gorgeous! 

2. Gown Saree Style

2. Gown Saree Style.png

If you want to look absolutely elegant for a perfect party look, we have the best match for you. This gown saree look is going to turn all the heads on you!

Step 1

First, in order to achieve a pre-stitched saree gown look, you are going to need a beautiful peplum top to complement the saree colour and pattern. You also need a matching petticoat to go with it.

Step 2

The first step is the basic step saree draping step. You need to tie a knot at one end of the saree and tuck it in your petticoat. Now wrap the saree around the waist one time.

Step 3

Now make regular saree pleats and tuck it under the naval. Now secure it with a safety pin.

Step 4

Now, you are going to be left with the pallu fabric. Start making pleats of the pallu and take it over your shoulders and secure it with a safety pin. You will now be left with a beautiful and unique gown style saree.

Impress your way away!

3. Dhoti Saree Style

Dhoti Saree Style.png

Who says only men can wear a dhoti? Well, this dhoti saree that has been a favourite of many Bollywood divas and now you can get this look too!

Step 1

To wear the saree dhoti style, you are going to need an attractive blouse and leggings to complement the saree.

The first step is to drape the non-pallu end of the saree around the waist. Now once the opposite end of the saree meets the remaining part of the fabric, you need to secure it with a safety pin.

Step 2

Once the first layer is wrapped and secured, you will be left with the pallu. Start making pleats out of the pallu. Make sure you don’t keep the pallu width too wide.

Step 3

The next step is to drape the pally over the left shoulder, securing it with a safety pin. Now, you will be left with a lot of fabric in the front.

Step 4

To need to neaten all the pleats and wrap it around the waist towards the back. Then, you need to bring it all the way to the front under the pleats. Secure it with safety pins under the 1 set of pleats.

Step 5

You will now be left with some fabric in the front to work with. You need to start making dhoti like pleats of that fabric. Secure the pleats with a safety pin.

Step 6

Once the pleats are ready, take the pleats from in between the legs towards the back and tuck them there. The remaining fabric in the front needs to be folded into pleats and tucked under the navel. Secure all the pleats with a safety pin.

You are now ready to go!

4. Lehenga Choli Saree Style                                                   Lehenga Saari .jpg

Love lehenga choli, but don’t own one?

You have a soft corner for sarees or maybe you are looking for designer saree on a discount but no idea to take it to the next level. Either way, we have got you covered! We have the easiest way to turn any saree into a hassle-free lehenga choli!

Step 1

The first step is the basic draping a layer of saree around the waist and tucking it in for a more secure fit.

Step 2

Now, comes the part which is going to make your saree look like a lehenga. You need to make multiple small pleats and tuck it all around the waist. Make sure the pleats are perfectly crisp and tucked equally throughout.

Step 3

Once you have completely tucked in all the pleats, you will be left with some fabric right in the middle. Tuck a little bit of that fabric under your naval and wrap the remaining fabric over the chest towards the left shoulder.

Step 4

Now, adjust the pallu as tight as you want and then start making pleats out of it too. Once the pleats are perfectly made, pin it over your shoulder to secure it.

And your lehenga style saree is ready!

5. Bengali style saree

Bengali Saree

From the delicious rosogullas to the beautiful sarees, the Bengalis have achieved it all.

Here is how you can achieve the Bengali style of saree draping:

Step 1

For starters, wear a blouse and a matching petticoat to go with the saree. Now, drape the saree around the waist with the opposite side of the pallu and tuck the end below the navel. This is the basic step in draping most styles of saree.

Step 2

Now, start making pleats from the remaining fabric. Start making the pleats from the left of your belly and end it and tuck it towards the right side. You don’t need too many pleats here. Only 2-3 flat pleats would do.

Step 3

Unlike, the other styles of saree draping instead of taking the remaining fabric from the front to the back over the shoulder, you will take it from the back and put it over the front from the left. Your pallu needs to be in the front.

Step 4

Next, start creating thin pleats of the pallu.Now, take the border of the pleated pallu from the right shoulder and tuck it on the right hip.

Step 5

Now, take the tip of the pleated pallu from behind and bring it over your shoulder from under the right hand.

Secure all the tucks and edges of the saree with a safety pin.

You’ll be left with a gorgeous Bengali avatar!

5. Mundu Neriyathum saree (Kerala style)

kerela saree

Don’t get intimidated by the name of this style yet!

Well, this beautiful traditional Kerala style saree has been around for a very long time. But, in the recent years, it’s been even more popularised with the festive version comprising of cream coloured saree and broad golden borders.

If you are still wondering about the name then, ‘Mundu’ is nothing but the lower fabric of the saree and ‘Neriyathum’ is the fabric that is wrapped over the blouse portion.

Now that you have understood the basics of Mundu Neriyathum, let’s get you wrapped around in this gorgeous attire of the Keralite women!

Step 1

The first step is to wear a blouse and an underskirt (petticoat) matching to your saree. Well, we recommend going with the traditional saree with a golden zari border to achieve the perfect look.

Step 2

Now that everything is in place, you need to wrap the lower fabric or the ‘Mundu’ around the waist.

For this, start by taking the opposite end of the saree and tuck it inside the petticoat. Now, take the remaining fabric and wrap it around the waist once and bring it to the front.

Step 3                 

Once you have the remaining fabric from the lower part of the, start loosely pleating it from the front.

Now, these pleats can be around 4-5 and you can make them as thick as the border of your saree if you want.

Once you have made perfect pleats, you can tuck them inside the petticoat. Preferably, below your navel.

Step 4

Now, comes the Neriyathum (upper fabric) part!

Once you have secured your pleats and comfortably tucked them in, you will be left with a lot of fabric to drape around the chest.

All you need to do is, take the extreme corner of the fabric and tuck the corner to toward the left side of your waist.

You will be left with the fabric wrapped around hips. Now take it over your left to your left shoulder carefully. You can adjust the tightness of the fabric as you go. You can now secure the fabric over your shoulder or the ‘pallu’ with safety pins.

Well even though in the past the ‘pallu’ part was tucked in the blouse rather than taking it over the shoulder. However, in the contemporary world, most women prefer wrapping it in a modern way!

Step 5

The last step is to look at your beautiful self in the mirror because girl you are done!

And, you are done gracefully!

What next?

Once you have worn your saree, pair it up with a few accessories. Wear some beautiful heels to complement the saree. Also wear some bangles, earing and a neckpiece to go with it.

Don’t forget to add that bindi to complete the look! <3 

Hope you found this post informative! Which style do you like the most?



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  1. Saree looks the most appealing if it can be worn properly. I really like lehenga choli style but it’s quite hard to drape. Could you suggest something similar to this style? Thank you.

  2. A Saree is the most beautiful attire for a woman, a pretty Saree and a pretty smile is enough to complete the gorgeous look of women. The way you compiled these tips is really amazing, Keep doing this amazing work. I just want to add one more things I guess doing some online jewellery shopping and getting perfectly match jewellery accessory will add more charm to your beauty.

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