Festive Makeup Guide

Second only to the perfect festive outfit is the perfect festive makeup look. Now, as this is the most festive time of the year and you probably have multiple events lined up, several different looks are in order.

Luckily, we are here with plenty of amazing options, and you can choose a different one for each event. Ladies, prepare your brushes, lippies and eyeshadow palettes because you will want to master all of these looks, we promise.

Golden Eye


Well, as gold is one of the staple colors of Christmas, one of your looks simply has to feature a plethora of this wonderfully rich and luscious hue. Monochromatic looks have been dominating this year’s runways, so take a cue from models and start by gracing your eyes with a warm and lustrous copper-gold eyeshadow for that soft and mysterious gaze. A warm shimmery bronzer is a must here as you’ll want to bring some warmth and definition to the face. Don’t go overboard with the highlighter, and definitely go with one that has a subtle gold sheen to it.

Pretty in pink


There are certain types of girls who have been blessed with full, gorgeous lips, and if you’re one of them, you should definitely make them the focal point. This means that the eyes are to be kept subtle, and the pop of color is to be reserved for the lips only. To achieve this look, start with a hydrating and luminous Pola Silfique Cream Foundation or M·A·C Next To Nothing Face Colour foundation as these give radiant and soft look overall. Next up, bust out your pink-hued eyeshadow palette and pay close attention to KathleenLights’s video because the soft glittery look she created is just to die for, so you want to master this. Now, for ‘normal days’, you are free to rock this look with a nude pink lipstick, but for the holidays, you want to take things up a notch and go with something like fuchsia or dark plum, that will really make the look pop.

The land of the brave

The land of the brave

If you’re sick of the current makeup trends and you are ready for something super brave and completely decadent, then you simply have to give the iconic Barbarella look a try. We had almost forgotten about this look, but Chanel reminded us of it back in March, and we dare you to resist it. Granted, to achieve it you’ll probably need plenty of practice, but it’s so gorgeous and bold that it will be totally worth it. Luckily, there is a masterclass on how to get the look, and it includes the same products used on the models, but if these are a bit too much for your wallet there are always affordable but great dupes you can put to use. Of course, the look would be even more fabulous with the same hairdo as seen on the models, so if you’re into big hair and embellished hair bands, you go and rock it.

Chic Mystique


There is no way to go wrong with a classic pin-up look featuring a flicked eyeliner, clean matte face and that perfect shade of red lipstick, especially if your attire plans revolve around a black or a red dress. This is the ultimate chic and seductive look and the best part is, it looks amazing on everyone, just be sure to do the type of wing most flattering for your eye shape. As for the lips, precision is a must, so sharpen those lip liners and go hunting for that perfect lip shade. You probably have your go-to already, but if you don’t the new Stunna lip paint by Fenty Beauty has been getting rave reviews, so it’s worth looking into.

Where there’s smoke

Where there_s smoke

There are numerous ladies out there who are faithful to their dramatic smokey eye, and that’s perfectly fine because there’s no denying it’s smoking hot (pun intended). Still, perhaps it’s high time the classic one that usually revolves around metallic grey and black shades gets a makeover. This holiday season, go with a deep rich blue smokey eye, with just a touch of black in the outer corners. Don’t forget to apply the color generously on the lower lash-line as well. Just a touch of sheer pink blush will be enough for the cheeks, and keep the lips neutral by going for your favorite nude shade – pink or beige nude are definite winners in this case.

Save these tips and look your BEST!



Pooja Raina
Pooja Raina
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