A Complete Guide to Pedicure at Home

Clean feet are the mark of a well-groomed and confident person. So you owe it to yourself to show them some love. A pedicure every couple of weeks can be the difference between healthy and sexy feet and the kind of pegs you want to hide in a pair of high tops. So, these are highly recommended because they not only get your blood flowing but also hydrates the skin and help to avoid fungal infections so you should do it every 15 to 20 days. Let’s indulge in some self-pampering.

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Cut and Trim the nails:

A classic pedicure is basically around 45 minutes of bliss for your feet. It is essential to have a clean canvas, to begin with, so start by removing the old nail polish. Trim the nails carefully to achieve the desired length and shape. Now, grab a wooden filer to shape the delicate nails without cracking or splitting them. Afterwards, apply cuticle gel or tea tree oil with a carrier oil to make the nail bed emollient and supple.

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Remove Cuticles:

Soaking the feet in the tub of warm water softens the calluses and cleanses the nails and feet. Add a tablespoon of Epsom salt in the water as it has magnesium in abundance which helps to get rid of toxins from your feet. After soaking your feet for at least 20 minutes, take a cuticle pusher and gently push back all the cuticles near the nail bed. If loose cuticles are apparent a cuticle nipper is required to pluck out all the loose skin.

Scrubbing and Hydrating:

Furthermore, scrub your feet in circular motions to remove all the dead skin and to smooth the surface. A foot filer and pumice stone can be used to remove all the dead skin cells and even out the skin. If you do not have one handy you can prepare a scrub by using oatmeal and jojoba oil to exfoliate dead skin cells. It is time to pack the moisture in the feet and too keep it hydrated. Therefore, apply a layer of cream or coconut oil that will help to lock moisture in the skin. Now buff your nails to improve nail growth and bring back the lost shine. You can now pretty-up your nails with a double coat of your favourite nail polish.

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Everyday Ritual:

Try to wash your feet thoroughly every night before going to bed as unclean feet have all days accumulated dirt and bacteria on them. So, keep your feet and toes clean and then work them over with some moisturizer. You can enjoy the perks of soft and supple ankles by the next morning. Leaving your feet exposed to sun and pollution can cause damage. Therefore, it is better to use a sunscreen spray30 minutes before you head out of the door that is sweat proof, mattifying and fast drying. Foot filer is good sent for rough feet.

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Your first impressions are always the lasting ones. So now that you have all these beauty tips with you. You should go ahead and pamper those energetic tottering toes every once in a while.

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