Beauty Hacks Every Woman Needs to Know

Get ready to be mind-blown with several surprisingly simple and delicious tricks of the trade that will help you improve your makeup, skincare and haircare skills in a matter of moments! It’s no joke, ladies, sometimes the simplest and easiest of changes can make a huge impact on your overall appearance, and since we have just entered 2018, perhaps some of the following will be your go-to hacks for making your upcoming looks like never before!

Master the beachy waves look

Master the beachy waves look.png

It’s more than just messy, tangled hair from a day spent swimming in the sun and not using your hairbrush. It takes finesse, and some practice, but you’ll get there – use a texturizing spray from your roots to your tips and grab your hair in large chunks as if you were holding onto a rope, as this will give you the right amount of chaos and order in one go.

Add a touch of glitter

Red lips

A single ingredient can sometimes make a better impression than a whole bucket of makeup on your face. In fact, the former is always a better solution, especially in 2018, which will be a year that appreciates the au naturel look. So, use your glitter instead of eyeshadow or just sparkle up the corners of your eyes, or your lips, and you’ll be a true beauty diva.

When in doubt, choose the red lip


No time? No worries – the red lip, especially the ombre, will be the only trick you’ll need to instantly elevate your look, give your casual jeans and tee a touch of elegance, or give yourself a boost of confidence before an important meeting.

Don’t underestimate your concealer


Before you reach for a whole selection of eyeshadows, lipsticks, and blushes, find a high-quality concealer that will make your makeup efforts worth your while; the right one can hide those fine lines easily. Of course, always look for the ones that will not cause any caking. Look for ingredients that will nourish your skin, such as vitamin E, which will keep your skin healthy and strong, and your makeup long-lasting.

Learn from the pros

Learn from the pros

Instead of perusing through literally thousands of beauty videos on YouTube, which are indubitably very useful and filled with great info, why not find and join a beauty class? You’ll have a chance to learn from professional makeup artists and find your next best makeup hack.

Multi-purpose lipstick


Remember the red lip, and how impactful it can be in any occasion? Well, multiply that several times, because you can use your lipstick as a replacement for eyeshadow and some blush when you need to add some color to your cheeks but have no access to your entire beauty kit. You’re welcome!

Winter is no excuse for dry feet

Winter is no excuse for dry feet

But we don’t have that much time to spend hours on a mani-pedi package, so what you can do is take a long hot bath, scrub off the dry skin, slather your feet in nourishing coconut oil or some other rich body lotion, put on your favorite pair of cotton socks and go to bed. When you wake up, you’ll be surprised to feel your feet completely transformed with very little effort on your part!

Buns are the new go-to do


If you want to change up your hairstyle, but nothing too dramatic such as an insane haircut or a change of color, you can easily create a delicate, feminine look with the help of little buns! They are the latest trend even among supermodels, and you can easily make them in a few minutes – plus, they go brilliantly well with the ever so popular street style trend.

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Pooja Raina
Pooja Raina
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