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Planning for an infant is always a huge task especially when you consider that their age is marked by movements and exploration. However, this task can be made easier by proper planning and if you know what essentials to have in place as your baby progresses with time.


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There is some essential furniture that you should have when raising an infant but we are faced with many choices and this could easily make it a challenge for many parents. It is, however, worth noting that the furniture you choose should not only be functional but also safe and stylish considering that it’ll become a centerpiece of the infant’s room.

You can get furniture that keeps to the theme of your home and this will create an aesthetically pleasing look but even while doing it, never forget your baby’s safety and keep it as your number one priority.

You should also seek to create a safe and comfortable space not only for your baby but also for you. Below are some essential furniture items for raising an infant:

1. Crib

While still young, your baby will need to use a bassinet or cradle. However, as they graduate to infancy, you will need to have a crib ready.

A crib is essential for your baby to sleep independently and you can use it in their bedroom or somewhere at the corner of your own bedroom if at all you’re not very comfortable having them in their own room.

It is important to consider the issue of safety when buying a crib and the best way to do this is to ensure that the one you pick does meet the required safety standards. Check the slat spacing and make sure it’s appropriate and less than 2 3/8 inches.

When buying a crib, it is also important to make sure that you get a firm mattress for it. As a safety measure, never try to stuff the crib with blankets, pillows or stuffed animals as these could easily suffocate your baby while asleep.


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2. Changing table

A changing table is an important part of your furniture consideration as it gives you the necessary space for you to change your little one. You can also choose to use a dresser and change the baby on the top of it if you don’t want to invest in a changing table.

That said, a pad is important as it helps keep the baby comfortable while on the changing table but on top of that, always consider investing in the best changing pad covers to protect the pad from the mess. For safety purposes, you can buy a changing table that has a strap to help buckle your baby thus preventing him from falling off.

3. Rockers and gliders

Your baby will appreciate the soothing back and forth motion that’s offered by rocking chairs thus helping induce sleep. You could also consider buying a glider which is essentially more of a rocking chair but in an updated version thus making it more comfortable for many parents.

The amazing thing is that rockers and gliders can be used right from the time your baby is born up until they are 5 years or thereabout as you read them their interesting bedtime stories.


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4. Dresser

Every parent knows how big a pile of clothes and blankets a baby can introduce to their living space. These can easily make the house look untidy and disorganized if not properly handled and a dresser works just fine in helping you sort out things.

A dresser will help store the blankets, clothes and your infant’s small toys and in most cases, this same drawer can be used as a changing table if you have a changing topper for it.

The drawers will also be ideal for storing your baby wipes and diapers. You can buy a dresser with the future in mind and transfer it to another room when your child no longer needs it.

5. Car seat

A car seat is a definite essential furniture you’ll need to have not only when your baby is in his or her infancy stage but also as a newborn. This not only helps guarantee your baby’s safety while traveling with you in the car but offers great comfort.

Don’t forget to look for a seat that’s firm and as much as possible, avoid older and used car seats as these aren’t as safe as you might want to imagine.


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Final Words

It can be fun shopping for your infant’s furniture and the most amazing thing is that you do not have to spend a lot of money in the process. You can check for different items from your local retailer or still look for the same online where you might have a variety to choose from and also compare prices.

You might also want to buy an infant swing and a stroller just to keep your baby entertained and take their first step respectively.

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