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Heya Pretty Girls! Hope you had an amazing Valentine’ s Day! <3 <3 

The Ombre lips are so popular these days hence I opted for an ombre lip this Valentine’s Day ! 😀 😀

Ombre is a French word for fade and Ombre lips are two or more lipstick colours or shades blended so that they fade into one another. It’s like contouring your lips that makes them look really big and fuller! OMG!!! The Ombre Lips look absolutely beautiful and outstanding!!!

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You can wear this trend for any wedding party or “for special occasions ” Creating the ombre lip isn’t as difficult as you may think, it is really quite easy. All you need to create this look is two contrasting colours of lipstick or a dark shade of lip liner that also complement themselves.

There are many ways to do ombre lips and today I am sharing one of them. Follow the steps below to achieve the Ombre Lip look step by step with the help of Pictures. Enjoy. . .

What you would need:

  1. Black Eyeliner or any darker liner
  2. Lipstick of your choice
  3. Lipstick Brush
  4. Cotton Bud
  5. Foundation or Concealer
  6. Lip gloss (optional)


STEP 1: Apply the concealer or foundation on your lips. This helps to prolong the lipstick and create a blank canvas for you to work with. I have used my MAC NC 42 Studio Fix Foundation.

To avoid feathering or bleeding, make sure your lips are properly exfoliated and moisturized before you apply concealer or foundation on your lips.

STEP 2: Get a black pencil liner (or any darker lip liner of your choice) to line your lip edges. You can also create an illusion of bigger lips using your liner. Here, I’ve used my Magneteyes Black Kajal Pencil from faces that is smudge free and my favorite too! 🙂

STEP 3: Now, apply your choice of Red Lipstick. I have used L’Oreal Paris Collection Star “Pure Rouge” (The shade of Freida Pinto). Can’t tell you how pigmented and beautiful Red it is!! <3

STEP 4: Now Blend, blend and blend! Blend inwards with the help of lipstick brush until the black and red are blended well.

STEP 5: Now to help clean up around the lips and give them a clean edge, use a concealer/foundation with the help of a cotton bud. Because you created a good base with your concealer/foundation, it is much easier to clean up any mistakes you may have made. Instant line perfection and this really makes the lips pop ! Yayyyy! 😀 😀 <3 <3

And you are done… Sexy Ombre Lips!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 

Optional Step : You can add some lip-gloss right in the middle of your lower lips for added shine. (I have totally skipped this step)


Sexy Ombre Lips Tutorial
Sexy Ombre Lips Tutorial Step by Step

Additional Beauty Tips for Ombre Lips Look:

  • When you are applying lip liner or lipstick, chances are that in the beginning it might look a little messy, don’t be afraid the result will be spectacular !!
  • You can always play around with different colours and add some gloss for added shine.
  • While making a bold statement via the lips, make sure to keep the rest of your makeup mellowed down. After all, you would want more attention to be on your lips, am I right?
So get prepared to look super duper Sexy, confident, sassy, and every bit a glam babe!! Mwaaah

This is how I looked on this Valentine’s day with Sexy Ombre Lips

My Valentine’s Day Look with Ombre Lips

Remember to always have fun with make-up!!

Thanks for taking your time to check out my post. Hope you enjoyed it. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOUR PRECIOUS THOUGHTS IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW.

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Superrr sexyyy!!



<3 Jinjin <3

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  1. The tutorial is so easy and you did it so beautifully. You look just ravishing. I think black is your favourite colour? Be so good always girl <3

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