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There is something magical about summertime that seems to awaken the side of us that is carefree, breezy and just beaming, full of life. Naturally, our wardrobe should represent that inner state – it should be the embodiment of the season and the way it makes us feel. In our quest for those perfect summer outfits, we are not alone as designers all over the world have made sure we get all the information. Runways are like a sneak preview of what will be hot for the season to come, and after we’ve seen all the looks, our only job is to decide which of the trends go hand in hand with our style persona, and then, of course, make sure we snag the must-have pieces and make them an integral part of our wardrobe. Make sure to read on, because the selection is incredible – truly, you won’t know what to try first.

Alive and in primary colours

Alive and in primary colours.png

In the spirit of vibrancy, embrace one of the most prominent trends of the season – primary colours. Don’t shy away from wearing bright yellow, tomato red, emerald green and ultraviolet as these exact shades aren’t only guaranteed to make you feel alive and powerful, but they are bound to stop traffic as well. When it comes to runways, these colours made bold appearances mostly on dresses – case in point, the Rochas and Balenciaga shows. Of course, you’re not limited to dresses in primary colours, you can rock them in any shape and form, but a dress does make for the strongest impact.

Gentle yet powerful

Gentle yet powerful .png

Aside from bold and vibrant shades, pastel hues are also having their day in the sun. One would think that frilly dresses would be the only garments we would see in pastel, but designers took things to a new level with the creation of pastel power suits, which also represent one of the most dominant trends of the season. Wide-leg trousers in gentle pastel pink are chic, elegant and playful at the same time, but if you add a wide-shoulder blazer in the same hue into the mix, you’ll reach new levels of a powerful yet feminine look.

The reign continues

The reign continues .png

Despite the fact that we thought the checkered pattern will be reserved for the colder seasons, given all the wonderful suits and blazers that were a part of the fall collections, the pattern refuses to go away and has made several appearances on the runways. Victoria Beckham presented her checkered vision in the form of a modest mid-calf dress, and Balenciaga have us the mighty pencil skirt. Now, this type of skirt can look just a tad too serious and corporate, but if you wear it with a simple T-shirt or even a satin camisole shirt, it can look fantastic for a romantic date.

Beach time

Beach time

Many of you have already probably started packing for your beach getaway or full-blown holiday, so special attention to swimwear must be paid. Investing in high-quality and supremely designed luxury swimwear is a definite must, and in terms of cuts and designs, there are so many gorgeous ones that it’s difficult to choose just one. Timeless stripes are always a good idea, especially if you opt for a one-piece swimsuit, although crisp white and gentle pastel two piece ones in asymmetrical cuts are gorgeous as well. Make sure you have your gorgeous kaftans and or lace maxi dresses in order to achieve a celebrity-worthy look.

A girl’s best friend

No, we’re not talking about diamonds – we’re talking about bags. They are that detail that ties an entire ensemble together, so you want to make sure you have a great one in your possession. Although the fanny pack has made a huge comeback when it comes to runways, it’s not everyone’s favourite choice. However, the one type of bag women of all style personas can get on board with our classic solid handbags in gentle pastel hues. Now, for the days when you feel extra breezy and want to exude those bohemian vibes, there is no better option than a woven tote or around rattan bag that will go perfectly with all your sundresses and blend in nicely with even the most vibrant shades.

Perfect sunglasses

perfect sunglasses

Finally, all you need is a pair of the perfect sunglasses and you are ready to dazzle this summer. Narrow geometric frames are incredibly popular, but you don’t have to follow this trend if it doesn’t compliment your face shape. The most stylish sunglasses are the ones that make you look stunning, so by simply choosing the proper frame, you will look chic and completely dolled up.

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