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From all the practitioners of Western medicine to those who are either experts about, or avid followers of the holistic approach to health and lifestyle (and even ancient Ayurvedic medicine and way of life), everybody will tell you that there is no beauty without wellness. You can use the most expensive topical solutions and be as diligent with your skincare routine as humanly possible, but still not achieve the results you expect and desire if there is something off balance in your body. Today, we will be discussing all the ways in which health and beauty are eternally intertwined, and of course share the helpful tips that will guide you on your path towards health, and subsequently natural beauty.


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According to Ayurvedic teachings, there is a strong connection between the gut and the skin so the type of food we allow to enter our bodies will reflect on our skin sooner or later. This is precisely why proper diet is the pillar of not only good health and even a great figure but incredible skin as well. Why do you think so many people have turned to such trends as juicing and juice fasts, as well as the foods that, due to their numerous benefits for the body and skin, have earned the title ‘superfoods’? Listen to your body’s needs, and give it plenty of superfoods such as leafy greens, eggs, salmon, all types of berries and many, many other great foods that thanks to the high concentration of antioxidants, fibers, or Omega-3 fatty acids do wonders for the gut, and for the skin as well.  


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You know the general rule of thumb – 30 percent exercise, 70 percent diet comprise a healthy lifestyle and result in not only a stunning figure, but good cardiovascular health, a better mood, and numerous other benefits( great skin included). When you exercise, you sweat out all the toxins and subsequently improve the condition of your skin. Now, you can take up any sport from Zumba, Yoga, Soul Spin – whichever you find the most stimulating and in tune with your needs and preferences. Your body will thank you, and before you know it, you will see the result on the surface as well.

Topical solutions

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Of course, there is no denying that great topical solutions play a major role in the condition of your skin. Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean that you should give up on skincare products. On the contrary, together they are a force to be reckoned with, and just as with high-quality food, it is paramount to find supreme skincare products. There is, for instance, the incredible My Skin Solutions offers a variety of skincare brands that include all-encompassing lines for both different skin types as well as skin concerns. When all your products come from the same brand, they make for a much stronger impact as they have been designed to work together.  



Whether we want to or not, we are essentially condemned to a life with at least a certain amount of stress, simply because that’s what modern-day life is – it’s hectic, at times challenging, and always at least a smidge stressful. We have been told repeatedly that stress is the culprit behind many a disease, and we do our best to lead stress-free lives. Along with numerous other benefits, meditation is one of the strongest tools against stress, but also anxiety, depression, and a great number of both physical, emotional, and mental issues. As we have already established that stress takes a toll on health, and your face is a reflection of your inner state, meditation is highly recommended as it comes with so many benefits that we would be foolish if we didn’t turn to it.

Sleep tight

Sleep tight

It feels almost redundant to state that sleepless nights instantly show on the skin – sleep deprivation results in puffiness, dark circles, and even acne. Still, this, as everything else, is not only skin-deep. A lack of sleep actually leads to a number of health conditions, cognitive abilities included, and the phrase ‘beauty sleep’ isn’t just a phrase after all. As renowned physicians state: ‘sleep is the closest thing to the fountain of youth’. How? Because when we sleep our body is essentially getting a reboot, and once you have established a strict and consistent sleep routine, the experts claim the results will be visible within two to three weeks. Your eyes will not be puffy, nor in need of brightening with pearly eyeshadows and concealer; your complexion will be brighter, and wrinkles will make an appearance much later in life. Therefore, sleep tight, and don’t be oblivious to the importance of quality snooze time.

To summarize, meditation, great and delicious food, healthy juices, stimulating physical activities, and great skincare. That’s all it takes, and it’s not as difficult as it sounds; in fact, once you take the healthy route you will never look back, and just looking in the mirror will remind you to stay on the right track.

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Hope you found these tips useful.




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