Foolproof formula for healthy nails

Nails! Whether you prefer them look natural or love some polished ones with art, nails are loved by one and all, yet cared the least. Manicure, pedicure and applying nail paint may help them grow beautifully, but what about their health. Pay attention to some foolproof tips for maintaining healthy nails.

Nails don’t’ have teeth. You need to eat right healthy foods:

Your nails can’t eat, that means you are in charge of eating for it. You can simply know how healthy one’s diet is by looking at their nails. Our nails are made of keratin which is a tough protein. The body needs high-quality nails to prevent weak nails.

Proteins need good teammates:

Protein is a major component of healthy nails, but having protein alone is futile. You need to couple up few other nutrients that can encourage the health of nails. First and foremost, we need fats for keeping your nails healthy . Yes, you are thinking right, your no fat diet is doing more harm to your nails than benefiting your body. Foods rich in healthy fats i.e omega 2 fatty acids is essential for keeping your nail beds moisturised. So if your nails are brittle or flaking, blame it your no fat diet.

Along with fats, deficiency of iron and Vitamin C can lead to dull nails. You also need to monitor your folate intake, especially as you age, since your body tends to absorb less of Vitamin B as it ages and in turn reduces the lustre of your nails.

Silicon is a trace mineral that enhances circulation especially to the scalp and reduces nail brittleness, but don’t go overboard and have more than the required amount.

Nails don’t need to drink water:

Limit your nails exposure to water. Just as skin and hair, prolonged exposure to nails, can make them dry. You can wear gloves while doing housework and cover your nails whenever possible to avoid drying out your nails and even ruining your manicure.

Avoid too much use of acetone:

Acetone nail polish remover is the best way to remove your old nail polish but leave your nails alone. Polish removers are too harsh for the nails, they dry up your nails and  even the surrounding skin. Your nails are more prone to splitting if you overuse acetone.

Spend time with your nails:

Just as your scrub your face to take care of your face, think of your nails in the same way. Moisturise your nails with olive oil, file them wisely and keep them clean. When you apply lotion to your entire body, don’t forget your finger buddies.

Habits to avoid:

Biting nails, attacking your cuticles, using your nails as tools and using too much nail polish.

Our nails are a part of your first impression, while we pamper our nails by picking  perfect nail colour and making them look beautiful, we should not sabotage their health. Follow these simple foolproof tips and make your nails healthy and strong.


Pooja Raina
Pooja Raina
Beauty obsessive Pooja Raina (also known as Jinjin) has created a one-stop-destination for beauty, fashion and style updates. She is a self-confessed makeup aficionado, a beauty product junkie, and fragrance buff! She likes to write about Makeup, Fashion, Beauty and lifestyle. From plenty of product reviews, fashion inspiration, skincare tips, and of course, drool-worthy lip swatches, you will find everything you need here!

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