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Do you remember Cameron Diaz’s pout in “Bad Teacher”? <3 <3 Ooohhh!!!! I just couldn’t take off my eyes of her in this movie! She looked absolutely magnificent with those matte lips! Well, who doesn’t love a statement pout? Everybody does and when it comes to a statement-making pout, matte lipstick is always a way to go! Indeed, flawless matte lips can make you stand out in the crowd. But, do you know how to wear picture perfect matte lips? Well, follow these 7 essential tips to rock your favorite matte lipstick . . . .

1. Exfoliate your lips

Exfoliate ur lips

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This is the first and one of the most important tips to wear matte lipstick! Your lips should smooth enough to let your lipstick glide on easily as lipstick will never apply as evenly and smoothly on rough lips. Moreover, It will not going to last if your lips are flaky! Exfoliate your lips gently with Sugar scrub or a toothbrush to remove any flaky skin from your lips and then apply lip balm at least half an hour before applying any matte lipstick

2. Moisturize your lips

Moisturise ur lips

The next vital step after exfoliating your lips is, moisturizing your lips. Use a lip balm of your choice to avoid any dryness to your lips. Since, the matte lipsticks are usually drying in texture thus they tend to dry out your lips too. Though many matte lipsticks are semi matte nowadays which are usually cream based however moisturizing your lips before applying lipstick, keeps your lips fresh to rock the matte lipstick further.

3. Conceal your lips

conceal ur lips

This is the third step. Apply a concealer all over your lips, as this will provide your lips a blank and clean surface to work with. Also, lip concealer will help you get neat and amazing results. Whether you are going for a muted or nude matte lips or the bright matte lips, concealing them right will help get you its true shade! In short … beautiful lips! Moreover, you may also reshape your lips by using a concealer.

4. Apply a lip liner

Fill with lipliner

It’s important to line and fill your lips with the same shade lip liner as your matte lipstick. Using a same shade lip liner helps to create an even base just like the concealer. Result, the base color will give your lips an intense rich look with maximum coverage! Yohoo!! Moreover, the lip liner helps your lipstick last longer and gives you neat and clean results as well.

5. Use A lip brush

use lip brush

This is one of my favorite tips among all. I love wearing lipstick with lip brush as it gives me amazing perfection! Now, why should you apply matte lipstick with lip brush? Well the answer is simple that mostly matte lipsticks don’t have any moisturizing element. They have a different texture so you cannot evenly distribute enough of the color across your lips by simply rubbing or pressing your lips together. Instead, using a lip brush, helps you in spreading your matte lipstick all over your lips evenly without being cakey.

6. Blot and reapply

blot and reapply

Don’t worry about matte lipsticks being cakey or chalky on your lips. It happens due to lack of moisture in matte lipsticks. You can easily avoid it by blotting your lips with a tissue or blotting paper after applying the first coat of lipstick and then reapply the lipstick. Do the same if your want to touchup at any time. This tip will keep your matte lipstick intact throughout the day without making your lips cakey or over dry.

7. Clean up the edges

concealer clean up edges

This is the last and final tip to wear matte lips beautifully. This tip will make your pout pop instantly with an amazing intensity. Any flaws can be easily seen on your lips if your lipstick application is not perfect and precise. Thus, make sure to clean up your pout edges using the same concealer that you used before applying your matte lipstick. Inspect your pout and slightly clean up all the uneven edges or imperfections smoothly using a small concealer brush. I love using cotton bud instead of lip brush! It just works perfectly too! 🙂

I hope you found above tips useful to enhance a picture perfect matte pout! Yes, it might take some time, but then it’s definitely worth it! You will be amazed at how flawless and sharp your lips will look afterward.

So, just wear the matte lipstick perfectly and let people say ….




♥ DAMN!!!!! 


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