Hey Gorgeouslicious Babes! Want to fix your beauty problems overnight? Read on . . . You know your skin works best while you sleep. As soon as you shut your eyes, your skin cells go to work, repairing damage and restoring your complexion. Night is the best time to pamper yourself with simple yet effective beauty … Continue reading FIX YOUR BEAUTY PROBLEMS OVERNIGHT!


Hi Girls! How are you doing? Straightening iron, blow dryers, curling irons, damage your hair. I always try to avoid them as much as possible. If you are using them frequently, please take a break!!!! Let your hair breath for some time. Whenever possible, air dry your hair.  There are end numbers of hair products … Continue reading HOMEMADE HAIR TREATMENTS

Super easy NAIL ART ideas for lazy girls!

Hello Beauties!!! I love Nail Art but hate spending time and effort to make them so attractive. In fact, I am so lazy for that. I know most of the women are just like me who don’t like to take out time for this either. Here, I am sharing some super easy nail art designs … Continue reading Super easy NAIL ART ideas for lazy girls!