Top 7 Difference between the tailored stitching and designer stitching

Clothes … without them, we would be naked. Literally and figuratively speaking, can you imagine us all walking around in our birthday suits? Our taste in our clothing either sets us apart from the crowd or allows us to fit in. Wearing a uniform to school or work allows you to fit in. The dressing according to your own style allows you to stand out. Some prefer funky or trendy clothing, some more timeless or classic clothing although most will go for what they are most comfortable with. There are a couple of great websites that are into some amazing wholesale womens clothing as well.

What makes you look the best regardless of which style you follow, is how the garment is made. This is what we will be discussing in this article. You can see many other great ideas at

There are two classifications of sewing. The Designers stitch or the tailors stitch. The top 7 differences are:

1. Quality


Ever notice how the inside of the garment shows the raw edges of the fabric? This is usually shown when it is tailor stitched. With a designer, the utmost care is taken. A designer will focus on meeting the customers’ requirements and use the best quality. Extra care is taken.

2. Overlocking


A designer has extremely good sewing ability and knowledge whereas a tailor’s ability is not guaranteed. Knowing how to use 2 ply thread for overclocking, 3 ply thread for general sewing and 4 ply thread for denim/drill cotton is a skill in itself. It is important to understand this distinction.

3. Finishing


Finishes are an area where differences can be seen and noticed. Apart from hems and cuffs, a neckline is always an important part of the garment. Designers will use piping seam to finish off a neckline neatly. This gives it a distinctive professional look.

Sometimes fusible interlining is used to give the neckline more structure and hemming is done by hand. A tailored stitched garment may have raw edges that are visible.

4. Stitching


Designers usually sew for high-end clients. They use the latest sewing quality sewing machines. Great pride is taken in their hand stitching. They sew the side panels of the dress usually have mock French seams. These details can make all the difference.

On a tailored stitched garment you may find wrinkles from the improper matching of the thread and fabric usage. Tailor-made products may have seams and stitches that are not up to standard. You may find puckering and seam grin. Designers will use a fusing machine to finish off in an elegant style. Careful attention is paid to avoid any sewing defects.

5. Production


Tailor stitched garments are usually produced for the masses. The focus is given on mass production which means budget oriented and cheaper garments. Designers focus on high-end users so the utmost importance is given to perfect fitting and stitching is done in a manner that it increases the value of the garment.

6. Materials


The use of raw materials such as canvas, fusible interlining, needles, zippers, hook fasteners, and thread are all budget orientated. A designer will take care to use goods of the highest quality to ensure the value of his garment and his work. Quality materials not only look better but will last longer.

7. Sewing machines


Mass production will call for a durable machine that can meet the demands. Treadle machines are still used in most cases. Their machines are locally made which will make repairs and after-sales service quicker and easier. A designer takes care to use the latest sewing machine, capable of doing the best-finished product. High-quality sewing machines and tools are used.

We have shown you the differences between the designers stitching and the tailors stitching. Today’s society places a lot of significance of appearance. Wearing the latest fashion, the top name brands and the most elite designers is a status symbol. There is a great demand for designers that can create unique and masterful creations. People will pay any amount of money for a garment that is made from the finest quality and with attention to detail. This is where the tailors may lose out but they will always be needed to cater for the masses.

Hope you found this article informative.

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