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Spring and summer are the most exciting months for fashion and beauty all over the world. We get to see brighter colours, lighter materials, and enjoy vibrancy and freshness of our wardrobe that suddenly starts looking more and more inspiring. With the new trends coming to town to slay the fashion game and transform beauty, we are ready to go shopping and start putting together fresh, colourful new outfits and try out new makeup to match! Want to know what the hottest new trends are? Read on!

Glossy, bitten lips

Lip gloss is back! Instead of matte, this season we’re all about that high-shine, and we’re pairing it with an ultra-natural, just-kissed look. To pull it off, you’ll need a clear gloss and some pink or red lipstick. Start by dabbing it only on the inner rim of your lips, and then apply the gloss all over and press your lips together. Boom! Cherry pop, kissable lips!

Ice cream shades

Soft, icy lavender is the colour to be wearing this season! It looks amazing on Indian skin tones, and it gives us that delicate, feminine vibe that works with our natural beauty. Pastels are definitely really popular on the runways, but you can pair them with darker shades to give it all a fun contrast. For example, darker reds (maroon, merlot, crimson) paired with soft pastel pinks can look incredibly good and high-fashion.

Fun prints and art

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Prints are really in this year, and we’re loving the big, colourful patterns that Christian Dior has been showing us on the runways, and the general summery vibe of everything. If there’s something our fashion is known for, it’s pulling off prints on our garments, so we recommend looking for women’s clothing with vibrant printsand pairing it with solid-colour pieces to create very elegant outfits. For example, your little black dress? Why not wear it with a patterned blazer in azure shades? It will take the whole outfit to the next level.

Pops of colour on the eyes

From lavender to pink, to blue gradients of eyeshadow seen on Anupama Dayal runway, to bright red, orange, and yellow on Nida Mahmood. This year, the focus is on the eyes, and pops of colour are all the rage. It’s time to practice your eyeshadow blending skills and try out bold looks!

Fringe and dancing

fringe dress

Do you need a good dress to dance in? Then get something with fringe! An all-white dress with shimmery fringe that swings as you shimmy to the beat, or maybe something with minimal tassel-like details to give your outfit visual interest.

Slicked back

Sleek, smooth hair is back, and we recommend getting back to that traditional long braid and using a small amount of hair wax or gel to smooth it back gently. Of course, it helps a lot if your hair is glossy and well-maintained, so use hot oil treatments weekly to make sure your hair is healthy and soft. You could also part your hair on the side and use a hair clip to pin it because big, beaded hair clips are super cute, trendy, and easy to use.

Wide-leg trousers

Finally, something 100% comfy! Wide-leg trousers are really nice to wear, and they can go well with both casual looks and evening elegance. Pair breezy cotton pants with a crop top or a tank top and a gauzy cardigan for a boho vibe, or if you need something for the evening, choose black silk pants, a slim black blazer, and a firetruck red blouse to go with it. Don’t forget to wear red lipstick!

Graphic Liner

Dark, graphic liner is definitely here to stay it would seem, and we’ve seen everything from simple cat eye, to bold, complex shapes drawn on the lids. Make sure your hand is steady and start drawing, ladies!

Natural Skin

Not too thrilled with all the heavy makeup ideas? Worry not! Natural, supermodel skin is super trendy everywhere, but to accomplish it, you really do need to make skincare your primary concern. When it comes to makeup, gentle BB cream, a dab of blush, and some mascara can make you look effortlessly pretty, but if you struggle with acne using better coverage is okay. Make sure to set your makeup with some thermal water or setting spray to give it that smooth, dewy appearance.

Ready to be stunning? Play around with these trends and find the ones you love the most, then make sure to sashay down the street, knowing you look gorgeous!

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