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Kajal in India has been an eye definer since 3100 BC. Indians have huge eyes with black or brown coloured pupils. Kajal defines the borderline to get the best look on eyes as well as help to sooth the eyes.
Kajal is applied close to the lash line and waterline inside the rims of eyes. Kajal is the only eye makeup which is used on a daily bases. There are 3 most used and best variants of Kajal in the Indian and global
market today.

1. Soft Kohl Kajal:

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Soft Kohl Kajal is a pencil kajal suitable for both waterlines as well as the lash line. Soft Kohl Kajal stays on your eyes for up to 24 hours of the application. Soft Kohl Kajal is easy to apply on waterlines and lash line being pencil shaped kajal it is easy to hold and apply.

2. Lipstick Kajal:

Lipstick Kajal is called lipstick kajal due it is designed to be in shape of lipstick and also known as stick kajal. It comes in a compact handy size which is easy to keep in your travel bag pack. Lipstick Kajal is waterproof and stays on your eyes all day long. Lipstick Kajal is much smoother when it comes to touch on your eye lines.

3. Gel Kajal:

Gel Kajal is the professional variant of kajal. You need proper time and patience with a stable hand to apply it. Gel kajals are allotted with brushes which do have soft bristles but rough or edges for proper finishing because of which these are required to be taken care properly while applying it on the waterlines.


In this way, you can define your eyes with these 3 best variants of kajal from Clamy Cosmetics and create your best eye makeup for normal days and occasions as well. Keep following makeup and body for more such awesome content.

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  1. After reading her writing, I also want to write on cruelty free vegan eye kajal and eyeliner wherein I will include tricks to apply kajal perfectly on eyelids. Can I?

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