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Heya Peeps! How are you all? 🙂 🙂

I received my first ever FAB BAG a few days back and am so excited to share my experience with you all today!

What is a FAB BAG ?

The Hello Gorgeous-July 2016 FAB BAG Review

Do you love discovering new beauty care product? If you are like me who love experimenting with new beauty and makeup products then the FAB BAG is a great way for you to discover new beauty brands and their products. The FAB BAG works on subscription basis, where their team customizes the products for you as per your preference. You can subscribe for 1 month/ 3 months /6 months or 12 months subscription. In return, you will receive 4 new breathtaking beauty products (Full size + sample size) in an attractive and surprise pouch at your doorstep every month! The most amazing part is that the worth of the beauty products is almost more than thrice that a subscriber pays. Once you like a product, you can also purchase the full size product separately from their website on fabulous discounts!!!!!!!!

You can check the subscription plan here – www.fabbag.com

There are 4 subscription plans available as of now. You just need to select the plan of   your choice:

  • One-month plan at Rs. 599 a month
  • Three-month plan at Rs. 533per month
  • Six-month plan at Rs. 483 per month
  • Twelve-month plan at Rs. 416 per month
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It took me almost 3 months to subscribe my first FAB BAG as I got confused so much!! 😁😁 There are so many beauty boxes available in the market and to be very honest I wanted to subscribe almost all of them!! 😉 Hehe but then I was like Pooja…Control your emotions and start with one! 😉 😀 So I ordered for a single month subscription by paying Rs. 599. I got my first FAB BAG within 7 days after placing the order and here is my first experience with it:


The Hello Gorgeous-July 2016 FAB BAG Review

I just loved the beautiful blue bag with so many pink –purple lips pouts imprinted on it. The bag has probably made of faux leather with denim pattern on it. The bag doesn’t stink unlike other faux lather pouches available in the market. The feel of the bag is absolutely smooth. Well, the quality and the appearances of the bag is so good that I would love carry it with my matching dress!

The Hello Gorgeous-July 2016 FAB BAG Review

The beautiful July FAB BAG contains 4 beauty products – 3 products are full-size and 1 is sample-size. Let’s have a brief look at the products:

1. Sugar It’s A Pout Time! Vivid Lipstick 03 MAD MAGENTA:

The Hello Gorgeous-July 2016 FAB BAG Review

 This is my most favourite product from the July FAB BAG! I am so happy they sent me this color as I didn’t have this color in fact I don’t have much pink lipsticks in my vanity. I have swatched the formula and I just loved it! It’s a creamy matt lipstick, which has a beautiful berry tone hot pink shade that brightens up the complexion instantly. Can’t wait to try it out and share my thoughts with you all in my exclusive review on it. Sugar It’s A Pout Time! Vivid Lipsticks are prices at Rs. 599 each and the packaging is something to die for! I have already reviewed Sugar It’s A- Pout Time! Vivid Lipstick – 04 Coraline In The City. You may check out the review.

2. SKINYOGA Coffee Body Scrub:

The Hello Gorgeous-July 2016 FAB BAG Review

Here my second favorite product comes! I always loved coffee scrubs. And I am so delighted to have this product in my FAB BAG! It’s a 100% natural body exfoliator enriched with ground coffee beans, pure coconut oil and pure Sesame oil. Its Fragrance free, preservative free and paraben free product! The coffee beans rejuvenate the skin, help in reducing the dullness and at the same time the coconut and sesame oil nourish and moisturize the skin. This Coffee body scrub comes in a flashy golden pouch. Wow! I would love to try this scrub..Yayy!!! <3 This body scrub is at a price of Rs. 845 for 100g and it’s a full size product.

3. Pep Moisture Velvet Shampoo:


The shampoo is a blended formula of oat protein milk which provides extra nourishment to hair. It claims to make your hair softer and manageable after few uses. This seems to be a nice choice for people having frizzy and dry hair. About the packaging, it comes in a transparent bottle with flip cap. I wasn’t sure if this one is a full size or sample sized product as the bottle is in 50ml size. However as per FAB BAG Card info it’s a full size product, which is at price of Rs. 119. I would definitely love to try this one too!

4. Johara Instant Radiance Face Scrub:

The Hello Gorgeous-July 2016 FAB BAG Review

I love using face scrubs and I am glad that I got another scrub to try out. As per product description, it is formulated with natural exfoliating ultra-fine walnut grains and a blend of lemon peel extract and neem oil. It claims to gently slough off dull skin layers and remove impurities and promote natural cell exfoliation. It is also claims to brighten up dull skin with its creamy formula enriched with Cococin TM which is a nutrient rich extract from green tender coconut water to rejuvenate skin to leave skin feeling clean, smooth and toned for a simply radiant complexion. The bag contains the sample of its 15 gm packaging. I would love to try this out and will be buying full sized product if I like the sample. The full size product is available in 100 gm packaging, priced at Rs. 500.

The Hello Gorgeous-July 2016 FAB BAG Review

Since i had subscribed only for this month thus i also got a 10% off renewal coupon. In addition there were a FAB BAG contest details along with some other gift vouchers too. Have a look:

IMG_2301 2
The Hello Gorgeous-July 2016 FAB BAG Review

Overall, I am quite impressed with my first FAB BAG! I love all the products that I got in my bag especially the Sugar It’s A Pout Time! Vivid Lipstick 03 MAD MAGENTA and SKINYOGA Coffee Body Scrub. All the products are quality products.

FullSizeRender 370
The Hello Gorgeous-July 2016 FAB BAG Review

The total products value of this FAB BAG comes more than Rs. 1600 which is way more than the price of single month subscription i.e. Rs 599. In fact, the cost the Sugar Cosmetics lipstick covers the cost of the July Fab Bag 2016 alone!!!! So the economic point of view also its an amazing deal! <3 <3 I am going to subscribe it further for 3 months now!! I am eagerly waiting for my next fab bag! ln case you like the July FAB BAG then click here to get your hands on it and If you are buying it for the first time then use this link to get 10% off on your first bag.


FullSizeRender 369
The Hello Gorgeous-July 2016 FAB BAG Review
I am pretty sure I am gonna stay long with FAB BAG !





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